We're David & Brooke Condolora: independent game developers, quiet adventurers.

Most recently, we developed folktale adventure Burly Men at Sea during our own adventures as nomads and erstwhile farmhands. We’re now based in an old mill in the Ozarks with our indomitable cairn terrier, Oliver Doggins, who inspired our first game and accompanies us on all dog-friendly escapades.

David Condolora

Formerly of Pixar and Disney Animation, David is a veteran story shaper. He’s the left brain of the outfit: programmer and sound guy, as well as timing guru and friendly tech support.

His primary hobbies are grandfatherly pursuits, like shaving with a safety razor and eating Werther's Originals.


David & Brooke

Brooke Condolora

With a background in graphic design and illustration, Brooke is the artist, animator, and all around right brain-er. She also handles Brain&Brain’s web development and coffee brewing.

She's commonly found devouring books at an alarming rate, printing on an old tabletop press, or watching Ghibli films.