We’re Brain&Brain: Ozark game developers, quiet adventurers.


Our work tells stories about curiosity and celebrates the uncommon. The two of us are curious folk ourselves, after all, and it’s what fuels our love of the medium.

We’re best known for our folktale adventure Burly Men at Sea, developed during an eighteen-month stint as nomads. Since then, we’ve continued to create games and other work, always with an element of storytelling. We’re currently at work on our latest game, Raincaster, which you can follow on our blog. We also share bonus behind-the-scenes content with supporters.

Projects are managed by our indomitable cairn terrier, Oliver Doggins, who inspired our first game and accompanies us on all dog-friendly escapades.

David Condolora

Working by day at Kuku Studios, and previously at Pixar and Disney Animation, David is a veteran story shaper and the writer of Wooden Nickel. As Brain&Brain’s programmer, he’s also the left brain of the outfit.

Outside of work hours, he devotes an inordinate amount of time to screenwriting, biking, and eating, in some order.



Brooke Condolora

With a background in graphic design, Brooke is Brain&Brain’s artist, animator, and general right brain-er, as well as the writer of Burly Men at Sea and Raincaster. She also handles all web development and coffee brewing.

She’s otherwise found devouring books at an alarming rate, or wandering the woods by foot or bike.



Some of the talented collaborators and partners, past and present, whose work makes our own possible.

Home Bases From our start in California, to a brief time as nomads, to a home in the Ozark hills.

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